Image Frames: W 190cm x D 4.5cm x H from floor to ceiling

Headboard: W 190cm x D 3.5cm x H 100cm

Bed Base

W 180cm x D 200cm x H 30cm

Custom made headboard (refer to headboard details sheet).
1. Back panel: MDF board (edges in Ral 9005 black), with digital printed vinyl wallpaper (Embossed coated vinyl on nonwoven material. Washable). Design: double exposure photo in grey scale colors - ANTONIO MORA SMOKE ref. Nobody knows me or similar. Wide= 190 cm (for 180cm bed), High= from floor to ceiling.
2. Custom made upholstered headboard (according detail
plan). MDF structure, with high density foam. Fabric: ALONSO
MERCADER Oxidon Shadow or similar. Width= 190cm (for 180 cm bed), Height= 100 cm 3. Hidden LED band.

3. Bed base: Wooden frame, slats mounted on frame, imitation leather upholstering. REVOR or similar.

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